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Thank you for visiting .... We would not be who we are, without visitors & supporters like you

......   I  DESPERATELY  NEED  A  HOME   ......

I am a female pit bull terrier, looking for a foster / forever home.

MY STORY......
I was used a bait dog for dog fights - tied to a tree while aggressive dogs attacked me.
When I came to the Shelter, I was nearly dead from parasites and heartworms.

I ADORE PEOPLE .... I just need a chance.
I long for human companionship, even if on a foster basis.

I am spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and free of parasites & heartworms.
However, I do suffer from severe skin allergies ... a kind-hearted soul is sponsoring the cost
of the allergy medication that keeps me comfortable.
I am over-looked by potential adoptors, because of my physical scars & allergies.
Sometimes my skin looks really bad - and I am depressed, as I am entering "middle-age".

I still carry the physical scars of my previous life, & moreso the emotional scars ---
I need to be an ONLY PET ... NO DOGS / NO CATS.  Period.

Please contact the Shelter Manager if you can give me a chance


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