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 Success Stories  

Jax has been with us for years, and is a very special girl. She was our "poster kitty" for why declawing a cat is bad. She was in such horrible pain and was not able to walk on the pads of her feet, she was walking on bone. She didn't want anyone to come near her. We were able to raise money for her to have corrective surgery last May, and since then, Jax has really come around. She started letting us come close to her, pet her, and finally we were able to pick her up and love on her. The change in her was a miracle! Then we witnessed another blessing in her life, she found her forever home!! Finding homes for our senior animals can be tough, and this gentleman came in specifically looking for a senior cat. Jax fell in love with him and wouldn't even leave his side while he filled out the paperwork for her adoption. We've been getting updates on this sweet girl and she and her new dad are getting along famously! She spends her days keeping his lap nice and warm, and she's a wonderful companion for him. Her start was a little scary, because she had been in the shelter for so long, but to see her now, you'd think she's been with him for years!

The Highland Animal Shelter is proud to announce that three shelter dogs went on to serve a purpose for their owner or community. Hank, a German Shepherd, was trained by Deborah Walker from LaBest for bomb detection and is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Buddy, a black Shepherd, is currently in training to assist his owner. And Kodiak, a Husky, is being trained by her owner to assist children with special needs.