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We rely on Donations
to help our furry friends.
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Mailing address:
P.O. Box 307
Highland, IL 62249


If you are inquiring about surrendering your pet
to our Shelter, please review our Surrender Policy

We understand that with these trying times, many people are facing difficult economic conditions -
whether it be the loss of their job, a career re-location, or the loss of their home.
Often, owners are faced with having to surrender their pet(s) because they
are now financially challenged and/or have no way of moving their pet(s) with them.

Equally as challenging as economic hardship are health conditions (or even death)
in which an individual is no longer able to care for their beloved pet(s),
and there are no family members and/or friends who can assume the responsibility.

If you need to find a home for your pet,
there are several criteria
 that have to be met before HAS will consider the surrender of a dog or cat:

For dogs: Current vaccinations, current negative heartworm test & completed spay/neuter.
For cats: Current vaccinations, current negative FIV/Leukemia test & completed spay/neuter.

If your pet is accepted for surrender, HAS would become ultimately responsible
for your pet for the rest of  his or her natural life.
Should your pet get adopted, the adoptor is contractually obligated to return it
to HAS if they are no longer able to keep or care for it.
Your pet will always have the Shelter to return to, and never see the door of a kill shelter.

The surrender fee is determined on a case-by-case basis.
Some of the criteria are: Documentation of vet visits and medical history;
age; size; temperament; any known special needs; breed of the pet.

Other than donations and fundraisers, the only funds that Highland Animal Shelter
operates on and supports our animals with are
Owner Surrender Fees.

For space availability & the complete surrender process,
please contact the Shelter at (618) 654-6067
or email us at

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