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to help our furry friends.
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Mailing address:
P.O. Box 307
Highland, IL 62249


  Adoption Info  

Shelter Adoption Hours

Tuesday: 12pm to 3pm  *  Thursday: 12pm to 3pm
Saturday: 12pm to 3pm
 *  Sunday: 12pm to 3pm

(Due to limited staff/volunteers - we have limited open hours for adoption.
The balance of time is spent cleaning & caring for the Shelter residents.)

However, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment with you,

please see contact info below!

Adoptions by Appointment

If you would like to schedule a time for an adoption, 
please call the Shelter

You may also email

Subject line:  Adoption Appointment Requested

Pre-adoption Form (pdf file)

PetSmart Adoptions

Most of our cat/kitten adoptions happen at the O'Fallon, IL PetSmart. 
By participating in the PetSmart Multi-day Adoption Program, 
approx. 8-12 of our residents spend time at the PetSmart Adoption Center.

For more info, or to volunteer with the program, 
please email us at
Subject Line:  PetSmart Adoptions

Our dogs are also available for adoption at the O'Fallon, IL PetSmart
on the 2nd Saturday & Sunday of every month.

Please stop by to meet our wonderful pets waiting for their Forever Home!

Adoption Fees

Large Dogs - $150
Small dogs $175
Puppies $200 (1 year old and younger)

Kittens/Cats - $100 Adoption Fee

All adult animals are microchipped, current on vaccinations, 
rabies shots, & on flea/tick preventatives. 

Dogs are heartworm tested & on heartworm preventative. 
Cats are FIV/leukemia tested.


Pets as gifts have always been a topic of controversy. Some studies show that pets given as gifts stay in their homes LONGER than those acquired in other ways. Yet there is concern that the recipient be prepared for all the responsibilities that come with adding a pet to their family and that the holidays might be too hectic a time to introduce a new pet into the household. Whatever your take on pets as gifts, the Highland Animal Shelter PET PROMISE CERTIFICATE is a great solution.

The PET PROMISE CERTIFICATE allows the gift-giver to present the Highland Animal Shelter Pet Promise Certificate promising the recipient the chance to adopt a pet. The gift-giver can wrap some necessary pet-care items such as a collar and leash or a carrier and give these with the Highland Animal Shelter PET PROMISE CERTIFICATE. Then after the hustle of the Holidays, the gift-giver can bring the new pet-parent-to-be to Highland Animal Shelter or to our PetSmart adoption event and can help them pick the perfect pet to add to their family. The gift giver can then pay for the adoption fee. The new pet-parent will be required to complete the required paperwork and agree to our adoption contract in order to complete the HAS adoption.

If we can encourage anyone thinking of adding a pet to their family as a holiday gift to think adoption - and stay out of the puppy-mill supplied pet stores - that will be a real gift to the homeless pets. So pass this Holiday tip along and encourage folks to give the gift of a Highland Animal Shelter PET PROMISE CERTIFICATE.

Please remember, the Highland Animal Shelter is a NON-PROFIT shelter.
We are not subsidized or assisted by any governmental unit or other organization.

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