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We rely on Donations
to help our furry friends.
Will you help?



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Mailing address:
P.O. Box 307
Highland, IL 62249


  • Cleaning cat cages, doing laundry/dishes, doing yard work, etc. all make a huge difference in the lives of our precious animals.  The Highland Animal Shelter is a true "no kill" facility. Many of our residents spend years here before finding their forever home, while some will live out their natural lives in our loving environment. With only 2 full-time employees, our shelter operates on a partial volunteer staff during the work week, and a total volunteer staff on weekends.
  • We have wonderful staff & volunteers who can train, assist, and guide you through the tasks at hand.
  • Each task performed by volunteers helps us provide the highest standard of living and sanitary conditions for the animals, and truly makes the difference between it being just a "shelter" and a home!

  • Highland Animal Shelter operates on Fund Raising and Donations. Dedicated volunteers work to plan and schedule fund raising events. They network with family, friends and strangers to gather donations, staff events and get items to raffle, auction or sell at those events.
  • Fundraising activities are the life blood of the shelter and make the standard of living we have put in place possible. 
  • To volunteer with fundraising please email:
  • Marilyn at  or to

  • The lion's share of our cat & kitten adoptions are done through the Adopt-A-Cat program we participate in at the O'Fallon, IL PetSmart. We are always seeking volunteers for either morning or evening shifts. The tasks are minimal: cleaning their cage as needed, replacing beds & linens, giving fresh food & water, and of course, lots of love. You may dedicate as little or much of your time as you wish! 
  • If you are interested in learning more about helping with the PetSmart cat program, please email Judy at
    Subject Line: PetSmart Volunteer

  • #4   Adoption Events
  • We have an adoption event at the O'Fallon, IL PetSmart the 2nd weekend of every month from 11:00am until 3:00pm. We are always seeking volunteers to help us out at the store or at the shelter.
  • If you are interested in volunteering on these weekends, please email our shelter manager Leah at
    Subject Line: PetSmart Weekends

In order to become Shelter volunteer, please complete the "Volunteer Form" below,
then call us at (618) 654-6067 or email
to set up your orientation and tour.  Use Subject Line:  Volunteer Request
All volunteers over 18 are welcome. 
If your child(ren) are interested in volunteering with you, please let us know.

It is hard work, but the rewards are great!

Volunteer Form (pdf file)


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